Q.U.A.R.K. is a simple but powerful utility. For ultimate security, no one will be able to read the message unless you want them to by giving them the "Key". Based on a Cold War Spy Algorithm; Q.U.A.R.K.'s Encryption technique is unbreakable.


It can NOT be hacked. It can NOT be brute force decoded.

Q.U.A.R.K. Encryption / Decryption Software

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  • Email, Skype, Confidential text files - Q.U.A.R.K.'s versatility makes it easy to encode messages on any messenger platform just by using simple copy and paste, e-mails become nonsense except to the person that has the Key, and a list of off-shore bank accounts ;) are yours and yours alone. If it is text it can be encrypted, ensuring that only you and any recipients you entrust with the Key can read it.


    • Your Parents can't read it
    • Online Bullies can't read it
    • Your Boss can't read it
    • The Police can't read it
    • The Military can't read it
    • The FBI, CIA, MI6, or even Interpol can't read it
    • The Government can't read it


    Don't Just Save Your Sensitive Data -- QUARK IT !!

  • Q.U.A.R.K. is an electronic download.  If you want a physical CD one can be created.  Price is $5.00, plus shipping and handling.