Web Pounder is a web site stress tool.  It can simulate between 1 and 1000 sessions - each session acts as a user navigating to and downloading each page of a selected URL.


Multiple intances of Web Pounder can be executed to multiply the stress factor.  Running two instances simulates 2000 users, three instances - up to 3000 users, and so on...


Need to be used responsibly, Web Pounder can cause denial of service of a website due to it's high user count simulation.


Web Pounder - Web Site Stress Tool

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  • Web Pounder is a multi-threaded .NET application that is able to simulate the traffic of a user navigating through a website as well as initiating downloads of each page to increase server stress.


    Each session has details that allow the tester to determine average lag time in milli-seconds, determine a user count where the elapsed time of navigation begins to increase - server degradation, and this is an actual stress test against the desired web site, not a virtual server load tool.


    Ideally the web site administrator would turn on the performance metrics to see which pages responded slowly, versus fast loading pages, etc.

  • Web Pounder is an electronic download.  If you want a physical CD, one can be created.  Price is $5.00, plus shipping and handling.